Beyond Words


What Professionals Say
About Beyond Words Center

“We are so lucky to have a resource like Beyond Words in Atlanta. They have proven that the skills of social interaction are not a mystery. These skills can be taught, practiced and improved. By breaking each skill into kid-friendly and understandable steps, their coaching model provides guided practice within fun and rewarding peer experiences.
Many of our families have benefited from Beyond Words’ positive, systematic approach to teaching kids these all-important life skills of getting along, joining the conversation, feeling comfortable participating in group play and building friendships.”

Foster Soules
MEd, AOGPE Fellow

School Principal and Director, Adult Dyslexic Program

The Schenck School


“The team at Beyond Words provides thorough and reliable assessment of each child's individual strengths and weaknesses. They also do an incredible job providing ongoing social skills support for boys and girls of all ages. They are very approachable and easy to work with. As a physician, coordinating care is really important, and the team at Beyond Words goes above and beyond to maintain communication with all members of the treatment team.”

Smitha Bhandari, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Path Group of Atlanta


“Children face the daunting task of learning to connect socially with their peers and adults. This undertaking becomes even more complex and difficult as they move through childhood and into adolescence. Sometimes they fail and find themselves lost, lonely and sad; this is when Beyond Words is the place to call.
Jeff Jones and Lisa Heimann have spent their professional lives helping children find their own ways back to being happily connected with those around them by teaching them the verbal and nonverbal communication skills they need to reconnect and flourish with others.”

Stephen Nowicki, PhD

Department of Psychology, Emory University

Co-Author, Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success, Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In and Will I Ever Fit In?


“Lisa and Jeff and the staff of Beyond Words take individual differences to heart. They listen and care about each family and create a plan of care that helps children and adolescents grow and thrive. They have been a trusted name in Atlanta for many years, and families feel listened to and cared about at Beyond Words.”

Danielle M. Moore, MSEd, CCC-SLP

Clinical Director

The Language Group


“Beyond Words is a community treasure! For over twenty years they have been providing a broad range of specialized individual and group treatment services to children, adolescents and their families. Jeff and Lisa and their staff are knowledgeable, professional and experienced as well as approachable, caring and compassionate. I refer folks to Beyond Words without reservation, knowing that they will be treated with kindness, competence and professionalism.”

David M. Triemer, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

Former Dekalb County Schools psychologist