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Center for Social Skills Training
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Welcome to Beyond Words
Center for Social Skills Training

Welcome to Beyond Words Center for Social Skills Training. Since 1996, we’ve provided group and individual therapy to children who struggle with nonverbal communication and social skills. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of children and trained close to one hundred therapists.

We continue to refine our unique approach and curriculum. Data from our clients’ parents demonstrated that over 95% report that we have significantly helped their children.

We start with an evaluation by one of our psychologists to assess the child’s needs, gather information from parents and begin the process of working together. Appropriate placement is vitally important to a child’s success in one of our therapy groups; thus, our assessment is the first step toward creating a positive peer group from which to teach and coach basic social skills.

We strive to create a fun and engaging atmosphere in our groups, helping participants get to know each other and develop their skills in a variety of areas including reading social cues; listening; conversation skills; perspective taking; making friends; game playing; controlling impulses; and managing frustration.

We thank you for your interest in Beyond Words.