Beyond Words


Comprehensive Services
for Children and Young Adults


Our Services Include

  • Group therapy and social skills group therapy (age 4 and older; see below)
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parent consultation
  • Low cost individual psychotherapy (provided by graduate students in training)
  • Psychological evaluations and school observations
  • Teacher consultation
  • Interviewing skills training
  • Presentations to schools and parent groups


Group Therapy: Adolescents and Children

  • Experienced therapists provide weekly social skills group therapy for children ages 4 to 18. Prior to placing any child into one of our therapy options, we conduct a brief psychological evaluation focused on social skills.

  • Groups provide practical, interactive and fun learning experiences. We focus on helping children develop awareness, competence and confidence with their nonverbal communication and social skills. Groups meet once each week for one hour.

  • Adolescents and children are grouped by similar age, need and developmental level. We offer a large number of groups and strive to achieve the best possible placement for each child.

  • Issues addressed include friendship skills; nonverbal communication; listening; conversation skills; joining others; impulse control; sportsmanship; dealing with teasing; teamwork; compromise; assertiveness; and perspective taking. Some groups also address anger management.

  • Many of our adolescent groups focus on self-awareness and self-confidence in social settings.


Weekly Groups Also Available for Young Adults

  • College-age groups focus on conversation skills, confidence in social situations and forming friendships

  • Adults in their 20s with social anxiety

  • Adults in their 20s and 30s with mild developmental issues